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If you are wondering what the Fox Factor is, let me break it down here for you.

If you are wondering what the Fox Factor is, let me break it down here for you.

Fox Real Estate Team is a boutique firm that specializes in providing unparalleled service focused on the most important aspects of buying or selling real estate: V.E.T.

Value: what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept. Whether buying or selling, this is the foundation of real estate. Our firm has a depth of experience, and level of precision that is unique to the industry. From raw land to multi-unit apartment buildings and everything in between, we have assisted clients in strategically accomplishing their real estate goals. For our buyer clients, we always prepare a detailed analysis of recent sales of comparable homes in the area, and develop a potential range of values for homes that are of interest to our clients. For sellers, it means a deep dive into the value of your home, or investment property, and figuring out how to achieve the highest possible price for the sale of your home. Take advantage of our Free Home Valuation Tool to estimate your home’s current market value.

Education: Providing the answers to all of your questions regarding the “whos, whats, whens, whys and hows” in real estate. All of the steps in the process of selling or buying are carefully explained to demystify the experience. We aim to empower all of our clients with an understanding and keen perspective of real estate that will provide them with a lifetime of wealth-building opportunities.

Technology. We have invested in, and continue to invest in, technology to streamline our processes and maximize efficiencies. This allows us to spend more personalized quality time with our clients. Our site has the most up-do-date MLS data, tailored to a homebuyer’s needs. Each client has the option of having their own app, that’s easy to download and search through properties right from their phone. For sellers, your house will be featured on our site plus hundreds more for maximum exposure, with high quality photos (not using our iPhones), and other options like 3D walk-thrus, drone footage, and security cameras for open houses/showings.

Now we take those three aspects above and combine them with 3 customer service traits of our team: Commitment, Communication, and Care.

Commitment – From day one, we are “All In” with you. This is shown through the homework we do, the education we provide, the inspection follow ups, the negotiations, and every step providing the client with the feeling that “We’ve got your back.”

Communication – My Dad always taught me that the most important three words in a relationship are communication, communication, and communication. Well, the key to this business is personal relationships. We keep our clients in the loop the entire process which eases their mind during the transaction. Whether it’s email, phone calls, or texting, we are responsive and attentive every step of the way. Never do you feel like, “What’s going on?”

Care – This is the most important one, we genuinely care. We care about the transaction and everyone involved(buyer, seller, agents). Win-win negotiations are the best kind. We work relentlessly to make sure things are done, even down to the smallest of details.

By combining V.E.T., the three C’s, and the intangibles of local knowledge and experience we get: The Fox Factor.